Monday, 29 December 2014

This year, 2014, I've seen a lot of ups and downs like after every storm comes a rainbow. There was indeed a lot of sad and happy moments for each one of us. Some very unexpected and dreadful events that are impossible to overlook. Something blue, I created and is now my very own stress reliever. 2014 is also my graduation year. I can't even believe how 2014 has gone by, so smoothly yet with so much blow. Writing this blog, boosted my confidence and made me believe that ' it is ok to be me'.
Now that my High School is over. My life has taken a new turn. For better or for worse, in sickness or health, I will be me, no matter what. I believe there are millions to bring you down, but you are the only one responsible to pull yourself down. So 2015, here I come..

To envisage how the year has blew is next to impossible. When you lose someone, its all that you want back because it is then you realize how much that person mattered to you. Taking two different directions and ending in circumstances where you need your 'significant other' in other words ' your bestie', but life has done us apart. What we didn't realize it, then was that, this was a smaller version of how it was going to be in the future. What we did was, a little bit of catching up in each other's lives and promising to be there in important stages in our lives. It was then I perceived the truth that, there can be no one to replace her, she was meant to be my best friend. I love you MY NANU..
Like typical besties, we even have are very own code words and inside meanings.
Personal Question Please, nanu?

Along this journey of my life, I came in contact with a girl of my age. Like an ordinary teenager just like me, going through her teen years, she was too facing issues of her own. She had major issues of accepting who she really is. She is not aware of how beautiful she really is, both inside and out. With an extraordinary personality, rare to find and an amazing head full of ideas and plots. You have a drama or a skit to be done, then she's your girl. She is a good friend of mine with secrets and high school gossips shared, I am going to miss you laulau.

With happy moments stored and sad moments forgotten, I bid you farewell, 2014...

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Debate- How strict and authoritative parents pave the way to a child's bright future..

A throwback to the debate competition I participated.

Goodmorning Dear Sisters, Teachers and Friends.

I, Fanar Mohamed, stands against the notion 'strict and authoritative parents pave the way towards a bright future'.

Call off the rescue! You can't protect your kid from every hard knock life hands out!

Parents get too overprotective and this overwhelms the child to step out of the comfort zone and face the real world laid out for them.
Parents might be looking out for you , from the experience they gained over the years, but its child's battle to fight and to survive. We are a kid to every obstacle we face, curiosity has us chained even when we know the result.
When you ask a four year old , not to do something..
They do not obey... If you reason out with him, curiosity strikes him and he ends up have no blame game to play here. A mistake that he did is a lesson he gained for a lifetime. We are the same. We need to do to do our mistakes. We are not robots. We are merely human beings. Humans make mistakes . And the smartest of all, learns from those mistakes. Those mistakes might lead us to success. We can always aim for the moon even if it lands on the stars. Risks make us stronger emotionally and physically.
Parents need to learn, once and for all, life can be tough either way, you help us or not.
Liberal parents make a child, independent and prepares them to face the evil world, awaiting them.

Thank you 


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

II : A Penny For My Thoughts.

The pain engraved in your heart can either break you or make you. Use it as a motive to fuel your
way to success. It's there for a reason. 
- Mohammed Zeyara

With every day that passes by. You realise who will be there and who won't..
The very *so called friends* , you considered your entire life, are those very ones, that stab you with a sharp blade, over and over again, you do nothing but accept who they really are even if your heart is now in pieces...
Why write all this, Fanar?
Time is money, money is precious, only an idiot wastes precious time and of course, we all are pretty selfish, I will not even try sugar coating them. To listen to someone, even if he/she was about to die, you wouldn't listen to them unless the matter is concerning you. Writing gives me a platform to vent out many bottled up, messed up emotions. It helps me clear out and I turn void of thoughts, allowing new thoughts to flow in. Like a train of thoughts revolving in my mind. One after the other. Just like a fizzy drink or a soda, it turns into a clear liquid when you pull off the lid, helping all those gases gain their freedom. Its just what writing does to me, only it gets better!

I hope you guys can sink your teeth in to what I'm saying... Don't bite too much..
Life is all about improving yourselves. Not just genetically, but morally and spiritually.
And With who are you trying to play your sick, twisted games with?

Do not laugh at someone's misery, Karma will find you and bite you. Not too much I hope. Also do not judge a person without knowing what situation he/she was forced into. You do not know what he/she's going through. So stop it! Sadly I learned this the harder way.
Calling her a *insert a foul name here* , Is it? Who ever gave you the right to? What should I call you , a bully? Or A big fat bully.
Stop trying to act like a flock of sheep. Try acting different once in a while. Or try being the shepherd. A better choice isn't it?
A person who supports a crime or criminal is a criminal himself.
I remind myself all of this a million times, before you.

Thank you
Stay Happy :D

#12.   Be the change, you want to see in the world.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

I : Enroute Calicut

Itsy on.. Time flew fast and now we're at the end of it. Insha Allah, Eid is to be celebrated with family and friends back in my home country.

Can't wait to finally reach there. The Excitement cannot be cooled down. Bags packed, all set to leave my beloved desert land. The rain, mangoes, beaches ....Just the thought of leaving leaves me to the edge.

The Rain blowing kisses to my skin
The smell of the monsoon
The sweet taste of those ripe mangoes
The trains, crows, filling in my ears
The fog over the mountains 
The ever so cool tuk tuks
The bae's there..
Its just beautiful with its generous public, alluring landscape and refreshing rains..
Jut can't wait to feel them all..

Bon Voyage 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ruby Cherries covered in Chocolate ♥

The most exquisite creations of all times. Experience cherries with a difference.
 Two perfectly compatible and mouth watering favorites, the cherries and chocolate combine and create a delicioso combination. Chocolate covered cherries from Dean and Deluca.

I am a person, passionate about  fruits, from the juicy mangoes to the ripe grapes, I love them all.
Beautiful, plump, ruby cherries covered in sweet chocolate tasted ambrosial. Honestly speaking, I kept admiring it. As soon as it entering my mouth, my taste buds were dancing in slow music and I had myself fallen on my knees. I was in love with it and I had myself looking for varieties and I came across Chocolate covered strawberries. They were sun ripened, dipped and swirled with white, milk and dark chocolate.

I am totally in love with you, Dean and Deluca.

By the way, Bon appetit mes amis.

#10.  Cherries are sweet
         Chocolate Cherries are sweeter♥


Friday, 11 July 2014

War - Have humans turned into beasts?

Blood hungry men, a sham to mother nature
Have you let slip how it is to be humane?
Are you under the impression of gaining pride from all?
Call to mind how it is to be humane
Forever Savage,
Forever recalled by all
Do you not recollect what feelings and emotions are
Actions make away with millions
While your gun does away with a few
To believe you are one of us
Is tough enough to not call you an animal
Does pleasure proceed the bloody flesh and bones?
Knock down every single thing
Hope will continue to exist
Is it too strenuous to turn human again?
And live together as brothers on the very same land
As one, in peace and harmony
With the end of this warfare,
Brothers are bound to reunite
Mothers with the Little ones will sing sing praises of joy
A promise sent from heaven above
A rainbow will appear
A toddler awaits for it
Bravery, Empathy, togetherness, courage, will power and fortitude will prevail
Until the very end.

#9. Do Pray

                                                              STAY HAPPY : D

Monday, 7 July 2014

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, not the dress or shoes :D

You know when love at first sight happens to you, its like melted chocolate dripping from a white cake? Its when I see a store! Only its better.

My eyes sparkle, my hands reach my mouth, legs lose control and walk on their own. Oh no, its not like I saw a cute little kitten there. Its just a pair of boots. You don't need that Fanar, lets go home , your mom is waiting for you. Its just a pair of boots, an angle grazing heel, beautiful, incroyable, as blue as the sky on those afternoons that seem ages ago with my baby brother. Its a Jerome Dreyfuss, he has us saluting with his royal blue style.

                                       picture from

Well, if you haven't yet understood then, hey there genius, I'm a Shopaholic. A major one at that. Its not like I go shopping every day, its just that I can't resist or breathe when I find some breathtaking, heart-stopping, spectacular creations,like the boots. My mum finds herself chanting to the lines of buy necessaries and so on. Like come one girls, y'all have a closet full of clothes and yet no dress to impress. Say tata to outfit stress, say yes to a new dress.

When reality dawns on you
The bills haunt you
Every penny spent
Is it every penny worth?

To buy what you love is not wrong, its your notes and coins but is it really worth the stress after you slide your gold card. The credit card bill would never seem to stop and would rise over mountains and oceans as they take the proverb 'the sky is not the limit' way too seriously. From the age of six, for me, the bank was god, the credit card issuer was the angel and the credit card, a magic card, just a swipe and all yours. Reality check honey, Life isn't fair.

 #8. Before you buy Jimmy Choo
       And all that shoes
       The card is a rattrap
       Don't fall into the trap

                                                    STAY HAPPY : D

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Mixture :)

Words express emotions better than anything else.
This is not the typical type of post from me. This is a kind of post where I write about what I feel of certain things that I hope many of y'all can sink your teeth into and relate.

To start with, Ramadan is going good, even though it is  fifteen hours of fasting which I am not used to. Fifteen hours isn't a big deal as I thought it would be and everything has a first. So until now, its going great.

I am just void of emotions.For me, today, is such a day where emotions have drained out of my body and I feel nothing. There is so much to write about which is strange and I am going to blend in everything!
 Sometimes its really difficult to express feelings and you never know when someone hides theirs. We have all, heard or seen pictures relating to, a tear behind a smile or something similar.A smile does not mean everything is flawless, it is just based on politeness or a trust on the Almighty.

                               picture from
We, humans tend to idolize many 'so called perfect' people. They might be a celebrity or a normal girl/boy standing right beside you, having his/her own problems to take care of. We forget they are humans, just like us, completely like us. For them, it gets so overwhelming, daunting and unendurable at the same time. Its said that 'think before you speak' but lets rephrase it a little bit and call it 'think before you act'.I feel looking up to a person and idolizing them are two completely different terms. There are those 'attention seekers' who find pleasure in these kind of situations.Its not about them but those who regret being so perfect.

I think I offloaded a bit too much! Hahaha... nevermind! ;)


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Memories await my arrival ! :D

“Memories are the stars that brighten our dreams.” 

― Sharon Repp

I have some very exiting summer coming up this year. Why? Might you ask.  ;)
Weddings, parties, grandparents,cousins, sleepovers, monsoons, rainbows, puddles,  special mango ice creams, fresh fruit juices , beach walks,salted mangoes on the sidewalks, various types of pickles, VERY spicy food, traditional clothes, bangles, VERY sugary sweets, trains , scooters, bikes,resorts, tours, The ever so cool tuk-tuks etc, etc, etc. :D

 Can't wait to travel back to my home country and make some sweet and fun filled memories. Eager is an understatement. The memories are going to beautiful this year. I feel like the plans made, are all  overwhelming but Life is spontaneous , so they might be more adventures attached, you never know !

Emotions are taking a roller coaster ride. The eagerness, excitement cannot be cooled down with the ants in my pants. Everyday, from day one, is not going to run out of steam. The excitement is due to the freedom and liveliness, back there, is so different from the emotions that I feel here. I'm like a wallflower in school, while a completely different person with my family and close friends. The summer, is when I can be myself  and make some real friends out there. Worrying has always been my favorite of all , so I think just stepping out of my comfort zone might actually be an amazing experience.

Can't stop smacking my lips ! :D

                                                  MAKE MEMORIES AND NEVER FORGET THEM.


Friday, 27 June 2014

Creativity at its peak :D

This is amazing ! :D
"A sister shared this on pinterest"
I find it so sweet and creative:

"30 balloons for the 30 days of Ramadan. My kids picked the candy and filled each balloon, and after Iftar every night, we would pop a balloon and get to enjoy a special treat! They picked the best candy for the 10 balloons on top--for the last 10 days of Ramadan!" Ma sha Allah 



Ramadan in Kuwait : Girgian :D


Girgian - Trick or Treat Tradition

My bundle of joy

   Ramadan in Kuwait as long as I can remember has been quite eventful!
 The best part of Ramadan for me, is Girgian. It is a traditional Arab culture wherein sweets are packed in beautiful baskets or glassware and sent away by companies,organisations and individuals, it is also done by dropping sweets,coins and currency notes from balconies while the children spread their little pouches, singing to old traditional Girgian songs, they go from houses to houses. It is the mid-Ramadan tradition which is celebrated from the 13th to the 15th night of Ramadan. The tradition clothing is also worn by woman and children.This is not just restricted to the Kuwaitis, I assure you that every kid residing in Kuwait will receive a packet of Girgian . Girgian parties are also organised by organisations. For me, this has always been a bag of happiness. Like every other kid, I would be so eager to open the gifts and just gobble up all the candies. This gives opportunities for kids to get together and understand the real meaning of brotherhood, peace and harmony.   




Thursday, 26 June 2014

Life in a Metro :D

A glamorous city with night lights , life goes fast, it provides an easy access to all the amenities of life. People seek a new lifestyle, new environment, new traditions and customs,  basically a new way of living. The public chattering, stench of sweat and smoke, also fascinates everyone with its lights and luxuries, the early morning coffee you get when you slide into the sleek car and drive in through the drive thru. This is basically the everyday life for a city dweller.

Crowds, cars, skyscrapers is all you see. Crime happenings is all you hear and infected air from the industry wastes is all you smell. Noise can be very unpleasant. Traffic can be a nightmare, it can even make a person swim in the world of profanities. Pollution is a sad reality that everyone faces in big cities. Despite every action taken to reduce pollution, it still prevails in big cities. Every decision or step we take is thought over a million times due to the crime as there is every chance for you being a victim of some sort of crime.

The mindset of people living in the villages is that people instantly become famous, showering in gold,diamonds and what not. Life isn't easy anywhere, challenges are everywhere.Good things happen when you get your priorities straight! : D

 #3.  Don't get involved too much into your fast paced metropolitan city life..... At end of the day your moral values matter! : D


Ramadan :D


Muslims all over the world unite to worship their Lord
The wealthy , poor,young,aged,
Regardless of age,gender and caste
Ramadan is for all
Gifts are exchanged
Sweets are devoured
Dates are everywhere
Long lost families are brought together
In a Communal Iftar and Suhoor                                                                                                                          
*Suhoor- beginning of the fast, Iftar- breaking of the fast                                                                                                        

Wishes are fulfilled
Happiness is spread
Hope is restored
Smiles are widened
Respect is earned
Prayers are longer
Charity is an obligation
Smoking, Drinking is a prohibition
A month of peace
A month of  unity
A month of integrity
A month of glee
Rewards are in abundance
Heaven is unlatched
Hell is barred

#2.  SMILE :)
        ITS A SUNNAH  : D

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The First :)

Young Maiden in her sweet sixteens
Writing her first blog
From the land of hot sand, nude pearls
Born as a little princess,
Definitely not the prettiest,
Definitely one in a million
With her partners in crime
Unpacking the world's mysteries
Awaiting victories
Healing minor injuries
Through the path of hurdles
And pointed rocks
A guider,counselor , adviser for all
In search of a guider, counselor and adviser
Sharing a part of her life to you
a happy ending to the day she spends
Grown into a teen
Gladly accepting what life is offering her
With a Smile..