Sunday, 27 July 2014

I : Enroute Calicut

Itsy on.. Time flew fast and now we're at the end of it. Insha Allah, Eid is to be celebrated with family and friends back in my home country.

Can't wait to finally reach there. The Excitement cannot be cooled down. Bags packed, all set to leave my beloved desert land. The rain, mangoes, beaches ....Just the thought of leaving leaves me to the edge.

The Rain blowing kisses to my skin
The smell of the monsoon
The sweet taste of those ripe mangoes
The trains, crows, filling in my ears
The fog over the mountains 
The ever so cool tuk tuks
The bae's there..
Its just beautiful with its generous public, alluring landscape and refreshing rains..
Jut can't wait to feel them all..

Bon Voyage