Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ruby Cherries covered in Chocolate ♥

The most exquisite creations of all times. Experience cherries with a difference.
 Two perfectly compatible and mouth watering favorites, the cherries and chocolate combine and create a delicioso combination. Chocolate covered cherries from Dean and Deluca.

I am a person, passionate about  fruits, from the juicy mangoes to the ripe grapes, I love them all.
Beautiful, plump, ruby cherries covered in sweet chocolate tasted ambrosial. Honestly speaking, I kept admiring it. As soon as it entering my mouth, my taste buds were dancing in slow music and I had myself fallen on my knees. I was in love with it and I had myself looking for varieties and I came across Chocolate covered strawberries. They were sun ripened, dipped and swirled with white, milk and dark chocolate.

I am totally in love with you, Dean and Deluca.

By the way, Bon appetit mes amis.

#10.  Cherries are sweet
         Chocolate Cherries are sweeter♥