Tuesday, 9 September 2014

II : A Penny For My Thoughts.

The pain engraved in your heart can either break you or make you. Use it as a motive to fuel your
way to success. It's there for a reason. 
- Mohammed Zeyara

With every day that passes by. You realise who will be there and who won't..
The very *so called friends* , you considered your entire life, are those very ones, that stab you with a sharp blade, over and over again, you do nothing but accept who they really are even if your heart is now in pieces...
Why write all this, Fanar?
Time is money, money is precious, only an idiot wastes precious time and of course, we all are pretty selfish, I will not even try sugar coating them. To listen to someone, even if he/she was about to die, you wouldn't listen to them unless the matter is concerning you. Writing gives me a platform to vent out many bottled up, messed up emotions. It helps me clear out and I turn void of thoughts, allowing new thoughts to flow in. Like a train of thoughts revolving in my mind. One after the other. Just like a fizzy drink or a soda, it turns into a clear liquid when you pull off the lid, helping all those gases gain their freedom. Its just what writing does to me, only it gets better!

I hope you guys can sink your teeth in to what I'm saying... Don't bite too much..
Life is all about improving yourselves. Not just genetically, but morally and spiritually.
And With who are you trying to play your sick, twisted games with?

Do not laugh at someone's misery, Karma will find you and bite you. Not too much I hope. Also do not judge a person without knowing what situation he/she was forced into. You do not know what he/she's going through. So stop it! Sadly I learned this the harder way.
Calling her a *insert a foul name here* , Is it? Who ever gave you the right to? What should I call you , a bully? Or A big fat bully.
Stop trying to act like a flock of sheep. Try acting different once in a while. Or try being the shepherd. A better choice isn't it?
A person who supports a crime or criminal is a criminal himself.
I remind myself all of this a million times, before you.

Thank you
Stay Happy :D

#12.   Be the change, you want to see in the world.