Thursday, 1 January 2015

Spark Embedded Deep In Us

Life is a wonderful thing. Yet another year, we're here , alive and kicking, with every heart beat and oxygen we breathe in,  a spark in us, left to be lighted that can cause fireworks. There is no trouble without a way out. Life is like a puzzle whose key and panacea we've yet to acquire. The hope that one day life will be problem free,  with  perfect bed hair, flawless skin, no hustle to pick an outfit, no disease to combat, loved ones assuring their love and loyalty, laughter and peace in the air.  This can happen any day, you don't need to be put off for the perfect time. Create and discover that perfect time, moment, and place. Not by changing yourself for the worst but for the best. We need to remodify, restyle, refashion, reshape and remould ourselves to be quintessential in every manner. 

At the end it does not matter how many paychecks you obtain but it does matter how much you relinquish, spread your love and forever stay as a frolicsome spirit.

                                                              STAY HAPPY :D