Monday, 7 July 2014

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, not the dress or shoes :D

You know when love at first sight happens to you, its like melted chocolate dripping from a white cake? Its when I see a store! Only its better.

My eyes sparkle, my hands reach my mouth, legs lose control and walk on their own. Oh no, its not like I saw a cute little kitten there. Its just a pair of boots. You don't need that Fanar, lets go home , your mom is waiting for you. Its just a pair of boots, an angle grazing heel, beautiful, incroyable, as blue as the sky on those afternoons that seem ages ago with my baby brother. Its a Jerome Dreyfuss, he has us saluting with his royal blue style.

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Well, if you haven't yet understood then, hey there genius, I'm a Shopaholic. A major one at that. Its not like I go shopping every day, its just that I can't resist or breathe when I find some breathtaking, heart-stopping, spectacular creations,like the boots. My mum finds herself chanting to the lines of buy necessaries and so on. Like come one girls, y'all have a closet full of clothes and yet no dress to impress. Say tata to outfit stress, say yes to a new dress.

When reality dawns on you
The bills haunt you
Every penny spent
Is it every penny worth?

To buy what you love is not wrong, its your notes and coins but is it really worth the stress after you slide your gold card. The credit card bill would never seem to stop and would rise over mountains and oceans as they take the proverb 'the sky is not the limit' way too seriously. From the age of six, for me, the bank was god, the credit card issuer was the angel and the credit card, a magic card, just a swipe and all yours. Reality check honey, Life isn't fair.

 #8. Before you buy Jimmy Choo
       And all that shoes
       The card is a rattrap
       Don't fall into the trap

                                                    STAY HAPPY : D