Friday, 11 July 2014

War - Have humans turned into beasts?

Blood hungry men, a sham to mother nature
Have you let slip how it is to be humane?
Are you under the impression of gaining pride from all?
Call to mind how it is to be humane
Forever Savage,
Forever recalled by all
Do you not recollect what feelings and emotions are
Actions make away with millions
While your gun does away with a few
To believe you are one of us
Is tough enough to not call you an animal
Does pleasure proceed the bloody flesh and bones?
Knock down every single thing
Hope will continue to exist
Is it too strenuous to turn human again?
And live together as brothers on the very same land
As one, in peace and harmony
With the end of this warfare,
Brothers are bound to reunite
Mothers with the Little ones will sing sing praises of joy
A promise sent from heaven above
A rainbow will appear
A toddler awaits for it
Bravery, Empathy, togetherness, courage, will power and fortitude will prevail
Until the very end.

#9. Do Pray

                                                              STAY HAPPY : D