Monday, 29 December 2014

This year, 2014, I've seen a lot of ups and downs like after every storm comes a rainbow. There was indeed a lot of sad and happy moments for each one of us. Some very unexpected and dreadful events that are impossible to overlook. Something blue, I created and is now my very own stress reliever. 2014 is also my graduation year. I can't even believe how 2014 has gone by, so smoothly yet with so much blow. Writing this blog, boosted my confidence and made me believe that ' it is ok to be me'.
Now that my High School is over. My life has taken a new turn. For better or for worse, in sickness or health, I will be me, no matter what. I believe there are millions to bring you down, but you are the only one responsible to pull yourself down. So 2015, here I come..

To envisage how the year has blew is next to impossible. When you lose someone, its all that you want back because it is then you realize how much that person mattered to you. Taking two different directions and ending in circumstances where you need your 'significant other' in other words ' your bestie', but life has done us apart. What we didn't realize it, then was that, this was a smaller version of how it was going to be in the future. What we did was, a little bit of catching up in each other's lives and promising to be there in important stages in our lives. It was then I perceived the truth that, there can be no one to replace her, she was meant to be my best friend. I love you MY NANU..
Like typical besties, we even have are very own code words and inside meanings.
Personal Question Please, nanu?

Along this journey of my life, I came in contact with a girl of my age. Like an ordinary teenager just like me, going through her teen years, she was too facing issues of her own. She had major issues of accepting who she really is. She is not aware of how beautiful she really is, both inside and out. With an extraordinary personality, rare to find and an amazing head full of ideas and plots. You have a drama or a skit to be done, then she's your girl. She is a good friend of mine with secrets and high school gossips shared, I am going to miss you laulau.

With happy moments stored and sad moments forgotten, I bid you farewell, 2014...

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Debate- How strict and authoritative parents pave the way to a child's bright future..

A throwback to the debate competition I participated.

Goodmorning Dear Sisters, Teachers and Friends.

I, Fanar Mohamed, stands against the notion 'strict and authoritative parents pave the way towards a bright future'.

Call off the rescue! You can't protect your kid from every hard knock life hands out!

Parents get too overprotective and this overwhelms the child to step out of the comfort zone and face the real world laid out for them.
Parents might be looking out for you , from the experience they gained over the years, but its child's battle to fight and to survive. We are a kid to every obstacle we face, curiosity has us chained even when we know the result.
When you ask a four year old , not to do something..
They do not obey... If you reason out with him, curiosity strikes him and he ends up have no blame game to play here. A mistake that he did is a lesson he gained for a lifetime. We are the same. We need to do to do our mistakes. We are not robots. We are merely human beings. Humans make mistakes . And the smartest of all, learns from those mistakes. Those mistakes might lead us to success. We can always aim for the moon even if it lands on the stars. Risks make us stronger emotionally and physically.
Parents need to learn, once and for all, life can be tough either way, you help us or not.
Liberal parents make a child, independent and prepares them to face the evil world, awaiting them.

Thank you